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Lemon pound cake/11oz
Rich yet light, the best lemon pound cake you've ever had fills your senses and satisfies your...
SEK 179
Wake up your senses with a bright bouquet of dahlia, jasmine, honeysuckle, and lilac. This...
SEK 179
Christmas Morning/11oz
On Christmas morning when friends and family gather around the decorated tree, a childlike...
SEK 179
Shoeshelf 90 cm
A nice shoe shelf in oil-burned iron, wallhanged.
SEK 1,699
Johanna Hen
The queen of the henhouse is Johanna. She has white feathers with black decorations. She holds...
SEK 829
Hugo green chicken
Hugo is a small green chicken who always are seen with Ebba.
SEK 259
Anneli - höna
Anneli 47 cm likes to just stroll around and do nothing.
SEK 598
Örjan Rooster
The good looking Rooster Örjan goes around and tries to impress the hens. He has nice red...
SEK 649