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Vi har many amazing chandeliers in wrought iron that you just have to have over the dinnertable. In old style or a little more modern as the very popular "Skeppet" for 6 or 8 candles.
They are timeless and gives a very cosy feeling.
You can decorate them with spruce twigs or bands if you like!
Chandelier Solby 6 candles 2 links
SEK 2,458
Chandelier Solby 9 candles 2 links
SEK 3,445
SEK 3,350
SEK 1,999
SEK 1,575
SEK 2,868
SEK 1,970
Chandelier "Skeppet" 8 candles 4 links
Swedens most popular chandelier, eight candles
SEK 3,495
Chandelier "Skeppet" 6 candles
The smaller version of our most popular chandelier, six candles
SEK 2,495
SEK 1,223